Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday again

Recovering from a weekend of gardening and painting. Now I get to go back to work and deal with strange questions. At least I'm sitting down and not getting sore from all the work.

People who don't work in IT will not understand how frustrating it can be dealing with computer novices. Note is use nice terms here rather than the one I would really like to say, but I digress.

I was talking to a user who was having trouble getting his e-mail. Since I'm doing this all remotely and over the phone this leads to challenging situations. I could not access his network as the internet was down. For the next 5 minutes I tried to explain that since his internet was down he would not be able to get any e-mails. He keep saying that his computer was connected by wireless.  I finally convinced him that he need internet to get his mail but was still confused as to why his wireless network could not get his mail.

I'm in the process of developing the serenity prayer of system administrators since we really need it some days. So here is my first stab at it.

The Serenity Prayer for System Administrators

 God grant me the serenity to accept the stupidity of users I cannot change; the courage to change my mind when I want to delete their access and files; and the wisdom to not actually kill them.

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