Monday, 4 June 2012

Customer service?

So trying to be green I got an electric lawn mover from Canadian Tire.

Yardworks is the brand, so here is the tale of trying to get a replacement battery charger.

#1 Canadian Tire does not carry replacement battery chargers. They can't get them and can't tell you where to get them from.

Did a web search and it point you right back to Canadian Tire.

WOW big help since they don't have what you need and will not help you get it.

#2 I called the toll free number on the battery to see where to get a replacement, big shock Yardworks are back east and they don't even carry the product there so they transfer you to the company that has them. They don't give you a number to call and don't give you a company name so you can't find it except going back through the Yardworks number. Big shock again they are only open 8:30 - 4:30 Monday to Friday Eastern Time.

#3 I finally got through to the company that has the battery charger and they asked for the product number. On the battery I have is a part number for the battery and a part number for the charger. Now if you think that either one of these numbers will get you the product you want, think again. What they really want is the product number of the lawn mower. It took me 5 minutes of explaining that I did not have the product number and I was not going to call back and wait another 20 minutes on hold to get through again. Finally he agreed to ship me the battery charger which I had the part number for. I only hope that when it gets here it is the correct one.

Is this is what companies call customer service?

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